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Timeshare Debt Release is a boutique style firm that specializes in Timeshare Consultation, Contract and Debt termination. We analyze every contract and situation to determine if we can help our clients. In many cases we can advise you how to get out of your Timeshare with no cost to you.  We will not take your case if we feel we cannot help you get out of the Timeshare. Timeshare Debt Release is one of the few Timeshare Termination companies that has an in-house Attorney that will facilitate the Termination. You will have Attorney representation throughout the process, and if you decide to stop making the monthly loan payments and maintenance fees, we will protect you from the Timeshare companies placing a lien on your assets, bank accounts or garnishing your wages. We are here to help you! Our guarantee is we will not stop working until you are out of your Timeshare contract.

Here at TDR, we know a Timeshare owner has already spent a lot of hard earned money on the Timeshare. This is why we have affordable fees and we do not charge a percentage of the loan debt. We have set pricing for different situations. We do not obtain leads and call Timeshare owners, have expensive T.V and internet advertising or have a huge staff. Our best advertising is from our clients. Because of this, TDR has the most competitive prices in the country. 

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Personalized Approach


Our free consulting services are available to everyone. We will listen to your situation and determine if our services are for you and your family. We to will give you some options on exiting your Timeshare and guide you in the right direction and in some cases it won’t cost you a thing to exit. If you are unsure about how to use your timeshare, or if you just want to know if what the salespeople are telling you is true or not, we are here for you.


We don’t charge a fee to speak to you about your ownership or to advise you about your unique situation. Our consultants have experience with all timeshare developers and can help guide you through the termination process. We treat all of our clients like family!




Terminate Your Timeshare(s) 

Are you a victim of timeshare fraud, scams, misrepresentations, or lies?

You are not alone. We fully understand the frustration that timeshare owners go through because of lies and misrepresentations that they are told by timeshare sales representatives at a timeshare resort presentation or member service updates. Through our experience in the timeshare industry and the hundreds of  owners we speak to on a monthly basis, the most frustrating part for timeshare owners is that by the time they find out they were lied to, they are told by the developer that it is too late to do anything about it. It's NEVER too late!

Timeshare Termination is an option for timeshare owners who believe they are victims of any of the following 3 reasons:

1. Fraud -A contract can be cancelled because of fraud if one person knowingly made a material misrepresentation that the other person reasonably relied upon, and that disadvantaged the other person. A material misrepresentation is an important untruth. The contract you made may be set aside on the grounds of fraud. Fraud requires an outright lie or a substantial failure to state a material fact about an important part of the contract. Fraud will invalidate a contract.

2. Misrepresentation - Misrepresentation is a contract law concept. It means a false statement or fact made by one party to another party, which has the effect of inducing that party into the contract.

3. Breach Of Contract - A breach of contract, also called default, is one party's failure, without a legal valid excuse. To live up to any of his/her responsibilities under a contract. A breach can occur by failure to perform as promised. If you believe you are a victim of fraud, misrepresentation or that your contract has been breached, contact us today for a free consultation. 

Most of our clients still have a mortgage with their developer. Our services cancel the contract and the debt associated with the contract. All mortgages must be financed through your developer. We cannot relieve your debt if it’s financed through a third party. For example: A bank, credit union etc. 



Legal Representation

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.



Does this apply to you?

Most Common Lies Used At Timeshare Sales Presentations 
And Member Service Updates On A Daily Basis
Does any of these lies sound familiar?


1. MISSED OPTION: If a sales presentation ever begins with the representative telling you that you missed an amazing benefit recently offered but no longer available, they are lying. They will spend the next 20 minutes telling you how bad they feel that you missed it, explain why it is so amazing, and then somehow fight to get it approved for you. Magically, because of how powerful they are, they will get it overridden for you to have this deal. None of this is ever true and it is called the take away approach in sales. They try to pull the greed factor with a client by enticing them with wanting something that they cannot have.


2. LOCATION TRANSFER: If you buy today and we move your deed to another location, your maintenance fees will go down and you will have reservation priority at our best location. It will also result in a savings.


3. BUY BACK PROGRAM: My company offers a guaranteed buyback program, and they will buy your timeshare back if you no longer wish to own it 
after one full year. 


4. POWER DEED: We will combine all of your deeds into one power deed to help you save money and get better reservation priority, yet you still have more than one deed.


5. RENTAL: If you buy today, we will help you rent out your timeshare and the rental income will offset 100% of your maintenance fees and timeshare mortgage.


6. NO OBLIGATION PERIOD:You have a 30 day review period before you are obligated to keep your timeshare. If, after 30 days you decide it's not for you,just return it for a full refund.


7. ZERO PERCENT FINANCING:Buy now, and after 12 consecutive payments without missing a payment, we will guarantee you 0% financing for the remainder of your loan balance.


8. PERSONAL COORDINATOR: I will have corporate assign me as your personal coordinator, and I will always be there to help you make reservations, 
rent it out, sell it, bank points, whatever you need, etc.


9. SIGN FOR SPOUSE: If you are legally married, you can legally sign all contract documents for your spouse without him/her being present as long as he/she sends us a hand written signed letter of authorization.


10. OLD TIMESHARE SALE: If you make a purchase today and own another timeshare you wish to sell, I will help you sell your old timeshare as a courtesy for doing business with us today.


11. WE MAIL YOUR CONTRACTS: Sign all of the ownership papers today and our contracts department will mail you a copy of your signed contract documents in 10-14 business days.


12. RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL: If you buy today you will be guaranteed the developers 1st right option on any property you purchase today only. That means the developer has a first right option to buy back your property before you can sell it, you need to give the developer the 1st right to say no. The developer will never say no to this option because they would rather buy it back from you and sell it for a lot more than they paid you for it. 

13. DINNER PARTY SCAM: You attended a 'DINNER PARTY' and was told the invite was NOT a sales presentation but a chance for the developer to give back to it's owners. When you got there it turned into a sales pitch and you were 'HIGH PRESSURED' into making another timeshare purchase you never intended on making.  

Most Common Misrepresentations Used At Timeshare Sales Presentations And Member Service Updates On A Daily Basis



1. Were you unaware that you filled out a Bill Me Later or PayPal application and later found out that you owe a balance you knew nothing about?


2. Were you unaware that you filled out a Credit Card Application and later found out that you owe a balance on a credit card that you knew nothing about?


3. Were you told that your Interest Rate would be one rate and when you got your first bill you found out that it was higher than you were told?


4. Were you led to believe that you were enrolled in PermanentVIP Status but were only given privileges for 2 years?


5. Were you led to believe that you were Merging Different Properties into One Deed but when you got your first bill you still had Multiple Deeds and Multiple Monthly Payments?


6. Were you told that owners need to upgrade to a different location to Lower Maintenance fees, Increase Property Value, Increase Trading Power or 
Avoid Special Assessments?


7. Did you think that you purchased points for Every Yearand later found out that your points were only deeded Every Other Year?


8. Were you told that by purchasing today, you will be Guaranteed Reservations Anytime, Anywhere, Any size unit, with the help of your salesperson as your coordinator or personal rep but he/she never calls you back?


9. Were you given enough time to review the Public Offering Statement and told that it only contains information on what size rooms the resort has to offer?


10. Were you told that owning a timeshare qualifies you for Huge Tax Breaks when you Rent out your timeshare or RESELL YOUR TIMESHARE back to the developer?


11. Were you told if you buy now your current Maintenance Feesare Frozen at the current rate and will Never, Ever Go Up?


12. Were you under the influence of heavy ALCOHOL or heavy MEDICATION when you signed the timeshare contract, and the salesperson was FULLY AWARE of your condition prior to signing the documents yet, still allowed YOU TO SIGN? 


As we learn of the newest sales lies and misrepresentations timeshare sales representatives are using at those timeshare presentations and member service updates, we will proudly display them on our website for public viewing.

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Family at a Beach


We pride ourselves on our professional approach and exceptional customer service. We have spent the time and effort needed to perfectly tailor our company communication strategy and pass it along to each and every one of our clients. See what our customers have to say about working with us and how you can become one of our happy customers and part of the TDR family

Timeshare Debt Release helped us through a tough time in our life. We thought  we were stuck in our Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare. Mike and his team got us out of our Timeshare and also treated us with respect and was also honest no matter what we faced during the process. I definitely recommend TDR.   Diane Woodland - Pottsville. PA

It was hard finding a Timeshare Exit Company that didn't sound like one of the Hilton Timeshare salespeople. One night I was scrolling through Facebook and found a few Hilton Timeshare forums and saw 4 or 5 people recommend TDR. I called them knowing it would be the same as the others. It was just the opposite. Mike made me feel comfortable and was very knowledgeable about the process. After 30 minutes I was convinced this was who I wanted representing me. During the process they kept me updated on the progress and before i knew it I was out.  Highly recommend these guys. Tim Shanks - Portage, MI

If our clients aren’t happy, we’re not happy.

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